An event that will forever change the way you see the world, and the way the world sees your business.

Presented by The Social School and powered by Press + Post, The Post Conference is a one-day world-class gathering of founders, authors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CMO’s and beyond, followed by a day of game-changing hands-on workshops covering today’s most timely marketing topics and business innovation tactics.

We’re breaking the mould and bringing to life the most accessible and awe-inspiring conference of its kind, and inviting you to learn from the leaders, dreamers and doers who are not just influencing their industries, but disrupting them top to bottom.


Day 2 of The Post brings an invaluable day of hands-on Labs to life, led by industry experts, awe-inspiring insiders, and the top strategists, writers, photographers, publishers and digital advertisers in the business. 

With topics ranging from top digital marketing technology to content, creativity and messaging and beyond, it’s a jam-packed day of actionable learns and hands-on labs.

Interspersed throughout the learning sessions and ‘tool breaks’ will be sit-down blind date-esque coffee chats between some of North America’s most notable founders and CEO’s, candidly questioning each other about the in’s and out’s of their many wins and losses along the way.

This exciting mixed-format one-day event will not only round off your Post 2017 experience with a bang, but set your conference learns up for maximum success.

Tickets available while they last.


WHAT: The Post – Canada’s Modern Marketing Forum
WHERE: The historic Palace Theatre – 219 8 Ave. SW Calgary
WHEN: November 16-17, 2017

Innovation, authenticity and world-class digital strategy is the name of the game in 2018 and beyond, and we’re thrilled to be gathering a small army of industry insiders and legendary thought leaders under one spectacular roof at The Palace Theatre in Calgary, AB on Nov. 16 and 17, 2017.

As leaders, founders, CEO’s, CMO’s and entrepreneurial game-changers from coast to coast, they’ve stood at the helm of some of North America’s most notable startups, digital strategies and social campaigns, have seen remarkable wins on their watch, and are providing a front row seat to their top secrets of marketing, business and entrepreneurial success.

The Post Forum - Calgary AB - Session Types 1-4
The Post Forum - Calgary AB - Session Types 5-8
The Post Forum - Calgary AB - Session Types 9-12





Founders, CEO’s, CMO’s, leaders, doers and disruptors from across North America join forces under one roof at The Palace Theatre in downtown Calgary.

Meet the final 45!


Award-winning author, media producer & entrepreneur; Founder, Good Life Project & The 108 Conscious Business Collective



    Founder,, eLUXE, Good Eggs & Co and The Bullet



      Managing Partner, Panache Ventures & 500 Startups Canada; iStock Co-founder



        Director of Community Impact & Culture, The Giving Keys


          LORNE MOTLEY

          Editor in chief, Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun; Vice President of Editorial, West Region, Postmedia Network



            Director, Digital, Canada Olympic Committee


              ALICE REIMER

              Technology entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, community leader; Creative Destruction Lab, A100, Startup Calgary, Evoco Inc.


                MARK GROVES

                Founder, Create the Love & MOTU Summit


                  SCOTT BAKKEN

                  Influencer, photographer & brand ambassador,; Founder & Creative Director, Socality


                    SHARON McINTYRE

                    Chief Social Scientist, Chaordix; Doctoral Researcher, Royal Roads University


                      BREANNE EVERETT

                      CEO, Orpyx Medical Technologies


                        DICK BROWN

                        President & CEO, Ferus Group


                          RAY DEPAUL

                          Director of Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Mount Royal University


                            ERIN PETREE

                            Squarespace Circle Community Manager, Squarespace


                              AMANDA HEHR

                              Co-Founder, Cru Juice & UNDRCARD Boxing Studio, VP Operations Alberta, JUSU Bars Inc.


                                VALERIE McINTYRE-BAIRD

                                Co-founder, New Cottage Industries & Co; Principal, McBaird Consulting


                                  THE JUSTIN AND GREG SHOW - #TJAGS

                                  Founders, Pidgeon Social and The Justin & Greg Show


                                    ERIN STRATE

                                    Television Host & Producer; Communications Director, WCT - Calgary Region


                                      JIM BUTTON

                                      Co-Founder, Village Brewery; Strategist, Evans Hunt


                                        JOANNA MAGIK

                                        Co-Founder UNDRCARD Boxing Studio; Founder, & The Outsiders Run Club; DJ & MC


                                          JILL BELLAND

                                          Co-Owner, Barre Belle Inc; TV Host & Producer, Breakfast Television at Citytv


                                            SCOTT CROCKATT

                                            Director of Marketing & Communication, Calgary Chamber


                                              NAOMI LeBIHAN

                                              Co-Founder, Cru Juice & UNDRCARD Boxing Studio


                                                ADAM VOLK

                                                Digital Marketing Specialist, Vovia


                                                  STEPHANIE KOCHOREK

                                                  Co-founder & Creative Director, Daughter


                                                    HEATHER SAITZ

                                                    Creative Director, Press + Post


                                                      LEON DENENFELD

                                                      Digital Marketing Director, Axia FibreNet


                                                        MEENA SANDHU

                                                        Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, Instructor; Director, SAAS NORTH


                                                          BOB SUMNER

                                                          Assignment Editor, CTV Calgary


                                                            BETHANY GRABURN

                                                            Marketing Director, The Social School


                                                              JONATHAN LOVE

                                                              ‎Communications and Marketing Strategist, Mount Royal University


                                                                ASHLEY ANDER

                                                                Co-Founder, Ride Cycle Club


                                                                  ERNEST BARBARIC

                                                                  Founder, PodSummit; Digital Marketing Strategist & Educator


                                                                    MANDY STOBO

                                                                    Bad Portraits, acrylic paintings, watercolour, film artwork, BIG paintings, live shows


                                                                      RICKY ZAYSHLEY

                                                                      Editor in chief, Vern Magazine; Editorial Director, Press + Post


                                                                        SHAYNE McBRIDE

                                                                        Creative Strategist, C&B Advertising


                                                                          SARAH GEDDES

                                                                          Co-Founder & CEO, Press + Post; Partner & President, The Social School


                                                                            WILSON WONG

                                                                            VP Creative Services, Everbrave Branding Group


                                                                              LEIGHTON HEALEY

                                                                              CEO, Bootkik


                                                                                MARIA KOUTSOGIANNIS

                                                                                Founder, Food By Maria; Food stylist, photographer, writer, recipe creator


                                                                                  JESSICA HARCOMBE FLEMING

                                                                                  Conduit of Chatter, Treeline Outdoors; Principal, Adventur:ess Marketing + PR


                                                                                    ASIM OVERSTANDS

                                                                                    Photographer, businessman, wanderlust;


                                                                                      PIETER BOEKHOFF

                                                                                      Entrepreneur, angel, tech thought leader; CEO, Nobal Technologies, iMirror, Collective 12|12, Madison's 1212


                                                                                        KELLY DOODY

                                                                                        Co-Founder & CEO, The Social School; Partner & President, Press + Post


                                                                                          MAYOR NENSHI

                                                                                          Special guest intro, kicking off The Post in style



                                                                                            Wednesday, Nov. 15 - Optional Early Check-In @ National 10th

                                                                                            Optional Early Check-In & Registration Package Pick-Up at National on 10th – 341 10th Ave. SW

                                                                                            Come on in, grab your badge and some breakfast and get settled... The Post is about to begin!!

                                                                                            Presented by Made Foods & Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

                                                                                            Our fearless Mayor - helping us kick off The Post in style!

                                                                                            Purpose, it’s such a loaded word. Burdened with all manner of metaphysical, hippie-dippy, irrational baggage and crazy claims. Yet, increasingly, science is backing up the far-reaching effects of living and working from a place of deep and resonant purpose. Massive organizations are researching it, and discovering vast reserves of capacity, optimism and excellence. Purpose, it seems, is a catalyst for potential. When we discover, distill and embody our purpose, we tap into a hidden reservoir of a potential, vitality and meaning. Life comes alive and the quality and quantity of what we contribute to the world rises dramatically. We benefit, those we lead and serve benefit, and the world benefits. In this powerful presentation, serial-entrepreneur, award-winning author, experience-designer and founder of mission-driven media-venture, Good Life Project®, Jonathan Fields, takes on a journey into the center of purpose of possibility and reveals a powerful approach to discovering, distilling and embodying yours.

                                                                                            Jonathan Fields // Serial entrepreneur, award-winning author, experience-designer and founder of mission-driven media venture, Good Life Project®

                                                                                            Meet Calgary's top creative agency talent, ready to conceive of a world-class charitable marketing campaign in just one day.

                                                                                            The Creative All-Stars // Daughter, Everbrave, C&B Advertising, Press + Post

                                                                                            10 things you wish you knew and now you will.

                                                                                            Erin Petree – Circle Community Manager, Squarespace // Bentley Coplin – Dir of Community Impact & Culture, The Giving Keys

                                                                                            Before you start, you need to do your research. Hosts Justin and Greg will dive deep into the WHAT (they are saying) and the WHERE (you should look) of attention!

                                                                                            Justin Reves & Greg Moore // Founders – The Justin & Greg Show, Pidgeon Social

                                                                                            Three of Alberta's most celebrated and successful business leaders in the brand, community and equity building space, bringing the hot truths and reality checks from their respective corners of the ring. Moderated by Jim Button, Village Brewery. No pressure, Jim.

                                                                                            Joanna Magik, Amanda Hehr and Naomi LeBihan – Co-Founders, UNDRCARD Boxing Studio // Jim Button – Co-Founder, Village Brewery; Strategist, Evans Hunt

                                                                                            Tag your questions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #ThePostQandA and have them answered live on the spot by the experts

                                                                                            Jim Button – Co-Founder, Village Brewery; Strategist, Evans Hunt // Amanda Hehr, Joanna Magik & Naomi Lehbian – UNDRCARD Boxing Studio

                                                                                            Get 10% off at National 8th and Goro+Gun

                                                                                            Supported by National and Goro + Gun

                                                                                            Audience questions, one-word answers, crowd-voted elaboration.

                                                                                            Alice Reimer – Evoco Inc, Startup Calgary, A100 // Ray DePaul – RIM Technologies, MRU // Pat Lor – iStock, Panache Ventures, 500 Startups Canada

                                                                                            From Facebook Live cameras to wireless mics, VR headsets and beyond, Justin and Greg will demo, discuss and dissect the top hardware hits and hacks of our time.

                                                                                            Justin Reves & Greg Moore // Founders – The Justin & Greg Show, Pidgeon Social

                                                                                            Diving in Deep, Cutting to the Chase and Spilling the Business Beans – Speed Dating Style.

                                                                                            Leighton Healey – CEO, Bookik // Pieter Boekhoff – CEO, Nobal Technologies, iMirror, Collective 1212, Madison's 1212

                                                                                            Georgia Sapounas – Director, Digital Strategy, Canadian Olympic Committee

                                                                                            The Great Give-Back Campaign of 2017 – unveiled.

                                                                                            The Creative All-Stars // Daughter, Everbrave, C&B Advertising, Press + Post

                                                                                            Presented by Village Beer & UNDRCARD Boxing Studio

                                                                                            Starring 4 of Alberta's bravest, boldest and most brilliant startups and entrepreneurs, pitching to The Post's media panel from CTV, Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, BT Calgary, The Bullet and Vern Magazine

                                                                                            Lorney Motley – Editor in Chief, Calgary Herald and Calgary Sun // Bob Sumner – Assignment Editor, CTV Calgary // Jill Belland – Host & Producer, BT Calgary // Joanna Track – Co-Founder, // Rickey Zayshley – Editor in Chief, Vern Magazine

                                                                                            Headlamps, ring lights, tripods and more, our final Tool Break of the day will see the dynamic #TJAGS duo lead us headlong into Happy Hour on an insightfully entertaining note.

                                                                                            Justin Reves & Greg Moore // Founders – The Justin & Greg Show, Pidgeon Social

                                                                                            Presented by the Calgary Marketing Association and Wild Rose Brewery
                                                                                            Check-In at The Palace Theatre

                                                                                            Come on in, check your coat, grab some breakfast and get settled... The Post continues!

                                                                                            Kelly Doody & Bethany Graburn // The Social School & Press + Post

                                                                                            • Discover new opportunities, create new connections, make additional income and reap serious benefits from launching and growing a smart side project • Learn top strategies for reinventing a career, opening new lines of business and building new skills with minimal risk and great reward • Find inspiration from individuals and organizations in both start-up and scale-up mode, and what it takes to get started

                                                                                            Ernest Barbaric // Founder – PodSummit,

                                                                                            With so many connected solutions available today, many of them free, Justin and Greg are armed and ready to show off their favourite apps, programs and hacks this side of the prime meridian.

                                                                                            Justin Reves & Greg Moore // Founders – The Justin & Greg Show, Pidgeon Social

                                                                                            Diving in Deep, Cutting to the Chase and Spilling the Business Beans – Speed Dating Style.

                                                                                            Ashley Ander – Co-Founder, Ride Cycle Club // Jessica Harcombe Fleming – Treeline Outdoors

                                                                                            Presented by True Buch Kombucha

                                                                                            10 powerful slides, 10 profoundly unforgettable minutes per person.

                                                                                            Scott Bakken – Influencer, photographer & brand ambassador, // Maria Koutsogiannis – Photographer, writer, author & food whisperer, @foodbymaria // Asim Overstands – Photographer, businessman & wanderlust, @asim_overstands

                                                                                            Get ready... the fifth and final Post 2017 Tool Break will see us collectively light up our phones, tablets and devices and go live on Facebook – making our global mark with one of Canada's largest live broadcasts ever recorded!

                                                                                            Justin Reves & Greg Moore // Founders – The Justin & Greg Show, Pidgeon Social

                                                                                            • Using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and beyond to understand your audience, improve your content, expand your reach and report on performance • Understanding the algorithms that hold the keys to your content reach, both organic and paid • Pay to play in the most intelligent way, utilizing custom audiences, pixel tracking, remarketing campaigns and more

                                                                                            Adam Volk // Paid Social & SEM Specialist – Vovia

                                                                                            Supported by National & Goro + Gun

                                                                                            • Recognizing innovation hype when you see it • Using challenges/constraints as catalysts for creativity • Designing better solutions in times of disruption, contraction or creation • Driving intrapreneurial impact, even in risk-averse environments

                                                                                            Sharon McIntyre – Chief Social Scientist, Chaordix // Valerie McIntyre-Baird​ – Co-founder, New Cottage Industries

                                                                                            Diving in Deep, Cutting to the Chase and Spilling the Business Beans – Speed Dating Style.

                                                                                            Breanne Everett – CEO, Orpyx Medical Technologies // Dick Brown – President & CEO, Ferus Group

                                                                                            • The meaningless jargon keeping entrepreneurs, small businesses and big brands alike from connecting with their audience and breaking through the noise • The 6-word formula that connects existing clients, compels new prospects and converts to subscriptions, sign-ups and sales • Headlines, soundbites and key messages as brilliant content starters and crazy good campaign hooks

                                                                                            Scott Crockatt // Director of Marketing & Communications, Calgary Chamber

                                                                                            A rapid-fire debate from industry experts across the following categories: 1) Social Media Platforms 2) Social Media Management and Automation Tools 3) Content Management System (CMS) Website Platforms 4) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Database Management 5) Project Management Software 6) Email Marketing 7) Email Automation and Lead Nurturing

                                                                                            Leon Denenfeld, Axia // Meena Sandhu, Saas North // Ernest Barbaric, PodSummit // Adam Volk, Vovia // Hosted by Sharon McIntyre, Chaordix

                                                                                            Kick off your shoes, grab a glass and help us wrap up The Post 2017 in style at The Palace Theatre!

                                                                                            Presented by The Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts at MRU and E. & J. Gallo Winery

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                                                                                            Thursday, Nov. 16

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                                                                                            The Post Forum - Calgary, Alberta

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                                                                                            WORD ON THE STREET
                                                                                            STELLAR EVENT!
                                                                                            You guys did some amazing things.
                                                                                            Thank You! Thank You!
                                                                                            JAN WOODDirector of Events and Sponsorship, Calgary CMA
                                                                                            The POST was a rockstar package of people, products and page-filling professorship. The success stories from the conference reignited my drive to make my business work, no matter what. Ethan Song’s opening line “if you want your project to work you’re going to have to quit your day job” rang unnervingly true.
                                                                                            GEOFF STARLINGFounder, Choose to Change
                                                                                            You have created a fantastic conference, Congrats to you and thanks for making Calgary a better place.
                                                                                            KEVIN KENTPresident, Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood


                                                                                            • The Palace Theatre
                                                                                            • 219 8 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB, CAN

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