Get ready for two days that will forever change the way you see the world, and the way the world sees your business.

Presented by The Social School and powered by Press + Post, The Post is a world-class conference packed with founders, authors, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CMO’s and beyond, combined with hands-on workshops covering today’s most timely marketing topics and business innovation tactics.

We’re changing the game, breaking the mould and bringing to life the most accessible and awe-inspiring event of its kind, and inviting you to learn from the leaders, dreamers and doers who are not just influencing their industries, but disrupting them top to bottom.


Day 2 of The Post brings an invaluable digital marketing workshop to life, led by The Social School’s seasoned strategists, writers, photographers, publishers, advertisers and special guests, and packed with actionable learns and hands-on labs.

This full-day seven-part workshop will not only round off your Post 2017 experience with a bang, but set your conference learns up for maximum success.

Tickets available while they last.


WHAT: The Post – Canada’s Modern Marketing Conference 2017
WHERE: The historic Palace Theatre – 219 8 Ave. SW Calgary
WHEN: November 16-17, 2017

Innovation, authenticity and second-to-none storytelling are the name of the game in 2017 and beyond, and we’re bringing a small army of best-selling authors, industry insiders and legendary thought leaders together under one spectacular roof at The Palace Theatre in Calgary, AB on Nov. 16 and 17, 2017.

As leaders, founders, CEO’s, CMO’s and entrepreneurial game-changers from coast to coast, they’ve stood at the helm of some of North America’s most notable digital strategies and social media campaigns, have seen remarkable marketing wins on their watch, and are providing a front row seat to their top secrets of online success.




Speaker Alumni

The Post proudly attracts global thought-leaders, international best-selling authors, founders, CEO’s, CMO’s and beyond into its esteemed speaker lineup.


NY Times best-selling author & social influencer



    Best-selling author, global marketing consultant



      Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer


        MITCH JOEL

        Best-selling author, futurist & CEO, Mirum Agency


          ETHAN SONG

          Co-Founder & CEO, Frank + Oak


            RYAN ARCHIBALD

            President, VICE Canada


              RACHEL MIELKE

              Founder & CEO, Hillberg & Berk



                VP Brand, FIDO at Rogers Communications


                  ANIA BONIECKA

                  Global Fashion Influencer, Blogger, Social Maven


                    KEN SURRITTE

                    Founder & CEO, WATERisLIFE


                      ADAM KETCHESON

                      Global VP Marketing & B2C, Arc'teryx


                        BROOKS BERGREEN

                        Founder & CEO, HITCASE


                          RICHARD BARTREM

                          VP Marketing Communications, WestJet


                            GREGG SAUTER

                            VP Marketing & BD, Saskatchewan Roughriders


                              DOYLE BUEHLER

                              Founder & Author, The Digital Delusion


                                MATT WRIGHT

                                Founder & CXO, MAMMOTH VR


                                  Stay tuned...
                                  The 2017 lineup is coming together, and it's our best yet.

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                                  Thursday, Nov. 16

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                                  • Lounge seating at The Post 2017 Conference
                                  • Full day of keynotes and presentations
                                  • Nov. 16 8:30am-7pm
                                  • Just 118 tickets available
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                                  • Floor seating at The Post 2017 Conference
                                  • Full day of keynotes and presentations
                                  • Nov. 16 8:30am-7pm
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                                  Conference Stage Seat
                                  • Stage seating at The Post 2017 Conference
                                  • Full day of keynotes and presentations
                                  • Nov. 16 8:30am-7pm
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                                  Friday, Nov. 17

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                                  Workshop Lounge Seat
                                  • Lounge seating at The Post 2017 Workshop
                                  • Full day of labs and lessons
                                  • Nov. 17 8:30am-4pm
                                  • Just 118 tickets available
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                                  Workshop Floor Seat
                                  • Floor seating at The Post 2017 Workshop
                                  • Full day of labs and lessons
                                  • Nov. 17 8:30am-4pm
                                  • Just 200 tickets available
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                                  Workshop Stage Seat
                                  • Stage seating at The Post 2017 Workshop
                                  • Full day of labs and lessons
                                  • Nov. 17 8:30am-4pm
                                  • Just 100 tickets available
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                                  WORD ON THE STREET
                                  STELLAR EVENT!
                                  You guys did some amazing things.
                                  Thank You! Thank You!
                                  JAN WOODDirector of Events and Sponsorship, Calgary CMA
                                  The POST was a rockstar package of people, products and page-filling professorship. The success stories from the conference reignited my drive to make my business work, no matter what. Ethan Song’s opening line “if you want your project to work you’re going to have to quit your day job” rang unnervingly true.
                                  GEOFF STARLINGFounder, Choose to Change
                                  You have created a fantastic conference, Congrats to you and thanks for making Calgary a better place.
                                  KEVIN KENTPresident, Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood

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                                  Registration & Check-in

                                  The Palace Theatre – 219 8 Ave. SW Calgary, AB

                                  Find out what the world’s most powerful online platforms can do for your business, and learn how to create and manage beautiful and effective Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for your brand. Ever-changing algorithms, rules, requirements and best practices make it increasingly important to not only engage your customers and prospects with killer content, but to ensure it’s seen by the right people at the right time. Get ready to start using the top social media tools on the planet to their full potential to establish your brand, increase your reach and grow your business.

                                  The Social School

                                  You have immense knowledge and innate skills that your audience has an ear for. You're a trusted source, a go-to leader in your field, and a seasoned expert at what you do. So why aren’t you sharing that insider intel in incredibly compelling ways on a consistent basis? While showing up on social media and sharing other people’s content can get you seen, it pales in comparison to the value of creating your own original posts, articles, stories, interviews, e-newsletters and beyond. Well, get ready to reach your clients, customers and prospects directly and effectively, forevermore. This session will arm you with everything you need to bring blogging and email marketing into your fold in 2017, along with countless tools, tips and apps for planning content, mapping subject matter and solidifying the resources needed to make it happen.

                                  The Social School

                                  More than anything else we consume on the internet, video – and in particular, the live and unedited kind, appeals to our continuously growing curiosity and desire for human connection. It allows individuals and businesses alike to showcase their creativity, personality and expertise in entirely new and creative ways, and has become the most prolific form of online content, thanks to platforms and features like Snapchat, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. Organizations with the foresight and knowledge to effectively use raw footage and livestreaming images as part of their social media and marketing strategy are the ones rising to the top of the newsfeed, and greatly increasing their organic reach to entirely new audiences. This workshop will show you how to go live with purpose, passion and a plan, bringing the huamn element back into your business and an enviable ROI to boot.

                                  The Social School

                                  Modern media tactics and social marketing platforms are changing faster than most of us can comprehend, so too are the tools, technology, platforms, programs, apps and software that allow us to implement them efficiently and effectively into our everyday business. Deciphering those tools, however, is a beast in and of itself. Whether you’re seeking solutions for project mapping, content creating, post scheduling, site building, ad placing, time logging, task tracking or beyond, this workshop will not only simplify the landscape and outline the best of the best in the current marketing technology sphere, but have your ‘martec’ needs dialled and optimal ‘marketing technology stack’ of software identified by the time you leave.

                                  The Social School

                                  The all-important SEO – simplified, understandable and implementable at all levels. Search engine optimization is, quite frankly, one of the most important aspects of your marketing efforts, because if you’re not ranking in search or showing up on Google, it’s tough to grow your business and land new leads. We’ll look at the most effective strategies, techniques and tactics – both paid and unpaid – you can use to increase your website traffic and obtain high-ranking search engine placement. This exciting workshop will teach you how to increase the overall visibility of your business, no coding or outsourcing of experts required.

                                  The Social School

                                  More than ever before, marketers, communicators, business owners and entrepreneurs playing in the social space are inundated with numbers. But properly analyzing those numbers, gleaning meaningful insights and fine tuning your posts, pages and overall digital strategy accordingly is imperative to your marketing and business success. Likewise, basing your content on what’s trending or proving popular at the moment, or focusing strictly on vanity metrics and follower counts is a common misstep. Aiming to capture attention over impressions and building on content that’s working and campaigns that are selling is both an art and a science. Math and creative. In this workshop, we’ll deep dive into the necessary numbers behind what amounts to a killer content strategy that lands big and brings results.

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                                  • The Palace Theatre
                                  • 219 8 Ave. SW, Calgary, AB, CAN